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Our company

Unser Firmengelände BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH has its registered office in Saxony-Anhalt, at the gates of the state capital of Magdeburg. The production takes place in the district town of Schönebeck, the delivery is carried out across the globe.

The company, under the fairly new name of BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH representing a widespread technological approach of stainless steel processing, has rapidly built up a reputation. The reason is simple: At BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH, professional competence meets a great number of ideas.

In doing so, motivated employees and an innovative management rely on high quality and fulfil even unusual customer requirements.

BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH is flexible enough to respond to individual customer requirements. We are large enough to comply with short-notice delivery dates even with voluminous orders and complex components. In the course of this, we benefit from our longstanding experience in processing stainless steel as well as from our flexible organisational structure.

Our strengths especially include the field of individual surface design. Even in this matter our performance absolutely corresponds to the high quality standard we have set for ourselves. For only internal, highly motivated employees are deployed ─ to your own benefit.

Stainless steel is a versatile raw material. It is exactly the right material for many functions. Due to its characteristics, in the field of mechanical and plant engineering it is almost indispensable.

In gastronomy, it is a permanent companion in the kitchen area. This raw material can also be found in construction: as panelling, as component and as decorative element the effect of which especially results from its surface.

It is particularly this surface effect that BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH is fond of. We believe that the capabilities of stainless steel are far from being exhausted. In collaboration with architects and designers, we want to exceed limits and let our visions become reality. Feel free to look over our shoulder for that matter.

We are always open to your wishes and suggestions.


BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH
Hohendorfer Straße 28
39218 Schönebeck/Elbe
P: +49 (0) 3928 42 132-0
F: +49 (0) 3928 42 132-22