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Laser cutting / Laser welding

Detailansicht - Klicken für Vergrösserung Lasing of stainless steel and aluminium sheets.
No matter how complex it might be ─ we can cut almost each kind of contour with a laser beam. Its strength is in the nearly non-deforming processing of the most diverse kinds and thicknesses of materials. By means of the laser, diverse components can be created in a flexible way within the scope of sheet metal processing or for apparatus engineering.

Even foil-coated sheets are not a problem for laser processing.

This flexibility particularly offers you great advantages in a multitude of variations. The edges are smooth and the produced parts are ready to mount without a need for postprocessing. Your advantage: Lasing saves time in postprocessing and thus costs.

Laser welding

Material thicknesses for processing with laser technology:
Stainless steel: 12mm
Aluminium: 10mm
Maximum dimensions: 3,000 x 1,500mm


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