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            Products (Products from our range)
                  Shop interior (Shop interior like furniture, displays and trays)
                  Fireplaces (Fireplaces, stainless steel chimneys, event lighting, fire f...)
                  Industrial products
                  Garden kitchens (Fireplaces, stainless steel chimneys, grills, pizza ovens, g...)
                  Garden furniture, Outdoor furniture, Restauration seating (Gallery of our products from divisions garden furniture, out...)
                  Customised (Displays and accessories, customised)
                  Carpentry / Upholstery (Products from our carpentry and upholstery)
            Processes (Processes and technologies at BaP stainless steel solutions ...)
                  Laser cutting / Laser welding (Stainless steel cutting and welding by means of laser techno...)
                  Edging (CNC-controlled stainless steel edging)
                  Rolling (Rolling of stainless steel sheets and profiles)
                  Welding / Joining (Stainless steel welding and joining)
                  Deburring / Grinding (Stainless steel deburring and grinding)
                  Mechanical processing (Mechanical processing of stainless steel)
                  Surface treatment (Surface finishing and treatment)
                  Upholstery (Manufacturing and restoration of upholstered furniture)
                  Carpentry / Frame construction (Carpentry and frame construction)
                  Construction (In-house construction and development)
            Raw materials (Interesting knowledge about stainless steel)
                  Materials (Stainless steel ─ Materials science)
                  Maintenance (Maintenance of BaP products)


BaP stainless steel solutions GmbH
Hohendorfer Straße 28
39218 Schönebeck/Elbe
P: +49 (0) 3928 42 132-0
F: +49 (0) 3928 42 132-22